Mrs Pearce/Pearse/Persse ?

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Mrs Pearce/Pearse/Persse ?

Post by K4teB » Thu May 26, 2016 2:23 pm


The lovely people on this forum helped me out a long while ago with some inquiries to do with my Grandad (Thomas Warner) and some family history... there are still a few Warner's kicking about Dalkey who I think are mostly my Granddads cousins.

Tommy went to go and live with his Auntie Con (Ellen Warner) in 1942 as his Pa (Alfred Warner) who had been bringing him up re married a lady called Mrs Pearse/Persse? Alfred live in North Dock, Dublin but owned 10, Tubbermore Avenue, Dalkey and Aunt Con worked at 3 Tempe Terrace, Rockfort Ave. I am not sure who lived where when excatly but I thought addresses might help jog memories :D

Tommy left/got packed off to England at the age of 16 by Aunt Con and was never allowed to see his Pa again .... I am hoping someone might remember this Mrs Pearse/Persse possibly?

Alfred Warner died in 1962 and he left everything to her in his Will so was she was still around locally at that point?

I am interested in trying to piece together Pa/Alfreds life after Tommy left and try to fill in the Gaps as Tommy was and still is very fond of his Pa but hes now 86!!

The story is Mrs P didn't want to take on the children (she had one son called Gilbert, Tommy remembers he was older than him and must have been about 20/ 25 years old in 1942? he was a very good swimmer and taught my Granddad to swim at Killiney Beach when he went there with some of his aunties and uncles, Bertie & Jessie Warner and Albert and Maisie Warner)... So Tommy and all of the other Grandchildren do not know a great deal ....

So did she stay in Dalkey? what happened to her Son Gilbert? Pa/Alfred Warner had a boat in Bray harbour, a wooden thing apparently .. what happened to that? what was it called even ? ...

Any ideas at all from anyone who can scratch their head hard enough would be greatly appreciated!!

:D :D :?: :?:

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Re: Mrs Pearce/Pearse/Persse ?

Post by Sinead » Thu May 26, 2016 7:01 pm

See if you can find a probate lodged in her name. This will give you some info.


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